What's happening at Brace.io?

Brace is gone. Thanks and goodbye!

Brace has shut down. That means we've taken down our main brace.io hosting service and our forms.brace.io, charts.brace.io and data.brace.io services in accordance with the acquisition plan. If this is a shock, I'm sorry we weren't able to reach you. Here are some options for where you can move your content.... Continue

Written By Cole Krumbholz —

Brace is joining Squarespace

We have some news that we’re excited to share. Brace is joining Squarespace to bring our experience crafting simple developer workflows to the Squarespace platform.. Continue

Written By Cole Krumbholz —

Redirecting to an external site

Great news, now you can redirect your brace site to an external website.. Continue

Written By Cole Krumbholz —

Using Sandvox with Brace

Anyone can create a website on Brace with no HTML savviness. In this post we'll show you how to do just that, using Sandvox, a visual HTML editor.. Continue

Written By Joe Pineda —

Valentine's Promo Postmortem

A week ago we ran a promotion that let users build a Valentine's Day website. Here's how it turned out.. Continue

Written By Cole Krumbholz —

New features: code editor and collaborators

Yesterday we deployed two new features. On one hand you can now make changes to your site directly from your browsers. On the other hand, why should you always be making edits yourself?. Continue

Written By Lauri Hynynen —

Jumpstart your website with a ready-made theme

You don't always need handcrafted, unique visuals for your website. Here are few collections of themes, where you can just download HTML and CSS to drop into your Brace-site.. Continue

Written By Lauri Hynynen —

Configuring a Godaddy Custom Domain on Brace

Setting up your Godaddy Custom Domain to point to a Brace website is a breeze. Here's how to do it!. Continue

Written By Cole Krumbholz —

Configuring a Custom Domain using CNAMES, Aliases and A-Records

Setting up your custom domain can be one of the most confusing parts of launching your website. Here are some of the basics you should know before you start.. Continue

Written By Cole Krumbholz —

Host your blog on Brace

Everyone needs a blog, but not every blog needs Wordpress.. Continue

Written By Lauri Hynynen —

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