Brace is gone. Thanks and goodbye!

Brace has shut down. That means we’ve taken down our main hosting service and our, and services in accordance with the plan posted here. If this is a shock, I’m sorry we weren’t able to reach you. Here are some options for where you can move your content.

Personal websites, blogs and static sites

Squarespace is a great option for personal sites, blogs, restaurant sites or any business website. If you had a paid account on Brace, you should have received a code good for one full year of the Squarespace professional plan. If not please send an email to team at and we’ll look into it.

We also provided all Brace users with a link good for three months of free service on site44. This is a great alternative for static content, especially if you want to keep the dropbox publishing workflow. (For example, this blog is now hosted on site44) Again you should have received an email with more details. If not please reach out.

Forms, Charts and Spreadsheets

If you were using Brace Forms, Brace Charts or Brace Data, we’ve got great news! These products have been open sourced. In addition, new community managed projects have been started on Assembly to keep these services alive, and to take over the next phase of their development. Here are a list of links:

ServiceOpen source repoNew community owned serviceGet involved here
Brace Formsgithub linkformspree.ioassembly link
Brace Chartsgithub linkchartspree.ioassembly link
Brace Datagithub linkgridspree.ioassembly link

Thanks again!

For everyone who used and supported Brace, thank you! You kept us going for over a year. That’s awesome! Our little service put a big dent in the world. Now major developer platforms like Heroku have Dropbox integration and there are tons of other simple publishing tools, like site44, cloud cannon and bitballoon. Finally we, the Brace team, are hard at work at Squarespace applying our experiences from Brace to make that platform even more awesome. There’s never been a better time to create a website!

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